Miley Cyrus is doin' it big for the debut of her new single 'We Can't Stop'!

The pop star debuted the artwork for her newest track on a larger-than-life billboard in none other than New York City's Times Square. If our intuition is correct (and judging from the artwork -- it is), 'We Can't Stop' will be an amped up party jam that no party will be complete without this summer.

The songstress hasn't released an album since 2010's 'Can't Be Tamed,' and Miley's collaborators are giving off the impression that this album will have a definite hip-hop vibe -- having been in the studio with Meek Mill, Pharrell Williams and more. We would even imagine there's some dubstep influence seeing as she was featured on Borgore's track 'Decisions.' Either way, the new Miley tune is on its way and will surely be the talk of the town on June 3.