Adam Lambert is known for his glam look and his "Glambert" nickname. To call him "flashy" and "faboo" would be an understatement. The former 'American Idol' singer took it to the next level at the 2013 Life Ball in Vienna, Austria on Saturday, May 25. He debut a new song ('Love Wins Over Glamour') and a golden look. Oh, it was good.

The flamboyant and plays-by-his-own-style-rules singer debuted the new song 'Love Wins Over Glamour,' which he performed with a genie-inspired stage look and setup.

At the event, a fundraiser for HIV and AIDS causes held at Hofburg Palace, Lambert rocked a gilded, genie-like costume, complete with a 'stache. He also sported a turban and lots and lots of brocade. There was an army of dancers behind Glambert, making the performance the spectacle of all spectacles.

The song was penned expressly for Life Ball, which boasted a theme of '1001 Nights.' It was an uptempo, synth-filled, fast-paced and life(ball)-affirming dance number, the lyrics of which were penned by Lambert along with songwriters Martin Gellner and Werner Stranka.

Glambert fans will absolutely love everything about this over-the-top presentation, since it held true to everything we / they love about Adam!