Oreos might be as addictive to the brain as cocaine according to a 2013 study, but if Adam Lambert has anything to say about it, each stimulant-adjacent bite will bring the world a little bit closer together.

The Original High singer has achieved a lifelong dream by recording a jingle for the famed sandwich cookie, Billboard reported today (January 19). The song, which you can hear below, is part of a larger "wonderfilled" ad campaign aimed at promoting diversity, a message Lambert said was right up his alley.

"They're encouraging people to look at our similarities as opposed to our differences and that is in line with my philosophy," he said. "I think it sounds [like] signature me. I got to go into the studio and suggest how I wanted it recorded. It was very collaborative and a really sweet idea. And we all love Oreo cookies."

Oh, and if you thought the singer might be the type to bite right through the dessert, boy are you wrong!

"[I'm a] dunker — I’m a rebel that way,” he shared. “But I love the idea of opening it up and trying new things.


The campaign, which also features contributions by Tegan and Sara and Kacey Musgraves, includes animated TV spots that began rolling out yesterday (January 18).

Take a listen to Lambert's new jingle, and tell us what you think.

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