Most of us are familiar with the wagon ruts near Guernsey Wyoming, and Fort Laramie which is in the same area.

It's a bit surprising how many people do not know that right across the road from those wagon ruts is what can be considered one of the most beautiful parks in Wyoming. Guernsey State Park. 

From I-25 take Highway 26 east towards the town of Guernsey. Just before the bridge that crosses into town, you'll see a sign for Guernsey State Park on the left. Drive up the hill.

There is a fee booth for day visits and camping.

From here it depends on which way you go.

Turn toward the left and you pass through rolling hills and down to the reservoir below. Or maybe take a cutoff and go up to a canyon view and yurts for rent.

Turn to the right from the pay station and head down into the canyon along one of the most beautiful drives in the state.

A rock wall will be on one side and the water will be on the other.

This is also an area for day tripping and camping.

Don't forget to head up the hill toward the museum which records the history of the area.

Most people drive through the town of Guernsey and think, it's not much to look at.

That's true.

But what is around the town makes spending the weekend in the area well worth it.

Explore the yurts at the park.

Imagine camping for the weekend with a wood stove, a back deck overlooking the water below, and a view of Laramie Peak.

There are 4 yurts. Each is spaced far enough that neighbors are not a problem.

Bring some wood for the stove.

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