The Daily Meal has judged for us the best grocery store for each state in America. And their winner in Wyoming is King Soopers.

Cheyenne was mentioned by Daily Meal in their explanation: “Wyoming’s capital city hosts just a few grocery stores, but reviews on Google, Yelp, and Foursquare indicate King Soopers reigns supreme. A local review on Foursquare said, “Easily the best quality and widest selection (and most affordable!) of organic veggies in Cheyenne!”

Here are their choices for the best in Wyoming's bordering states:

Colorado - King Soopers

Nebraska  - Open Harvest

Utah - Harmons 

Montana - Food Community

South Dakota - Lynn’s Dakotamart

Shall we do our own poll among ourselves in The Cowboy State? If your favorite is not listed, by all means, put it in "other."