A Natrona County man is dead after being involved in single vehicle wreck, but investigators say the wreck itself was not the direct cause of death.

The Natrona County Sheriff's Office says a call was received on Thursday afternoon (October 27th), from a WYDOT maintenance employee, who saw a wrecked blue van off of the side of Wyoming State Highway 220 at mile post 109, or about 2 miles southwest of Robertson Road.

Deputies searched the area for the driver and found the body of a male in his early 60's, about 150 yards away from the wreck.

They estimate he had fallen 15-to-20 feet from a cliff, and investigators say they believe he died from injuries sustained from the fall.

They add that the vehicle was traveling away from Casper, and after the wreck, the unidentified man started to walk back towards Casper, when he fell off of the cliff.

Alcohol may have been a factor and an autopsy has been scheduled.

Investigators say they have reason to believe the wreck may have happened either the night before, or during the early morning hours on Thursday, but the wreck was not the cause of the man's death.