Travelers and residents living on the west side of Casper are saddened by the news this week.  The Ghost Town Conoco is closing the restaurant portion of the convenience store this weekend.

Ghost Town has been a long standing rest and refuel stop for travelers as they cruise along Hwy 20/26 otherwise know as the West Yellowstone Hwy out near the Natrona County International Airport.

But do to a decline in patrons, the convenience store announced that Sunday will be the last day that diners can enjoy a meal prepared in their restaurant.  Chris, an employee at the convenience store, said that the plan is for more of a 'deli style' food option to take the place of the restaurant in that space.

For residents and travelers alike, the final chance to dine out at Ghost Town will be this Sunday, October 30th.  The convenience store and gas pumps will continue to operate as usual.