For thirty years, Natrona County High School art students have chronicled local, national, and international events on the walls of the school. This project, conceived by longtime principal Byron Moore (principal from 1982-2007), has engaged students and staff in annual reflection of ideas, issues, and people that impact their lives and their community. Visitors to the school enjoy this timeline both for the cultural history and the creative artistry presented.

The earliest mural was painted in 1983 and continued through 2012, skipping only the years of 1995 and 1996. Each year's mural is broken into approximately 12 to 20 paintings rendered by individual students. There is no one inspiration for a year - each mural is a collection of individually significant events.

With the 2014-2018 renovation of Natrona County High School, the walls that have provided the canvas for the Timeline Murals will be removed, however the paintings will remain part of the school's archives. Each year's paintings have been carefully photographed and cataloged in a book to preserve this important piece of the school's history. The book depicts the annual assembly of paintings and represents a small portion of the photographic documentation. The digital photographs are available for reference, research, class reunions, and community use. In the renovated school building, the mural project will evolve into a fresh interpretation of art and current events.

The Timeline Mural Books are available in the NCHS main office - free of charge and first come, first served. The pictures will also be available on Flickr for anyone who would like an electronic copy. To browse those pics, CLICK HERE.