The new album from BEP is out November 30 - you've been hearing a taste on KISS lately with "The Time (Dirty Bit)."   What do you think so far?   Looks like a stadium tour might be coming up in the new year - probably going to be a Denver or Salt Lake road trip, I'd assume.     Some info from Billboard below:

If the Black Eyed Peas have their way, "The Beginning" will indeed be the start of a new phase in the group's career when it comes to performing live.

After a test-run through stadiums in South America earlier this month, tells that the Peas are planning to promote the new album, which comes out Nov. 30, in similar venues around the world.

"South America was a test," he says. "We did all our try to figure out how we can do stadiums in other countries, in America, in Europe. If Black Eyed Peas can do five O2 Arenas, why don't we just do it in one shot? If we can do three Staples Centers, we should do one Dodgers Stadium. So that's how we'll probably tour this time around." says he considers a stadium "the best one yet" to house a Peas show. "It's like you're there with all your friends. You're there in front of 50,000 people and they're there to watch you and your friends. Nothing gets any better than that. It's the best feeling, the best one yet." expects the Peas to hit the road again "after February," when the group is rumored to be performing at the Super Bowl XLV halftime show -- although he would not confirm that.