In light of the recent controversy surrounding the Confederate flag's display in South Carolina, the Washington Post published a blog this week proving that Wyoming has, by far, the coolest looking state flag in the entire country.

The blog Every State Flag is Wrong and Here's Why satirically points out the ridiculous and pitiful appearance of most state flags. And it's right to do so. Many state flags look like they were created in an elementary school art class.

Take Maryland, for instance, which has arguably the most hideous flag in the entire world. And that's a bold statement considering New Jersey's state flag actually features a severed horse head. Idaho's state flag, which also includes a decapitated animal, is so bad that, if you look closely, you can actually see what appears to be a pile of horse manure.

Although the clever author of the blog was forced to insult Wyoming's state flag for the sake of the article, the proud and majestic bison clearly stands out as the greatest flag in the entire country. Don't believe me? Check out the full gallery of state flags here.