Kmart Joe Boxer, Youtube

Kmart’s series of recent ads have caused many of us doing a double take, asking ourselves “what did they say?”  Their first ad featured people saying that they “shipped their pants!”  This ad was followed by another ad with people talking about their “big gas savings!”  And now, just in time for the holidays, Kmart has come out with another commercial causing a little bit of controversy with their “Joe Boxer Christmas” that features some hunky men “jingling their bells!”

However, a slew of comments flooded Kmart’s Facebook page from people who were ringing mad at their “Show Us Your Joe” ad, many calling it “disgusting.”  Why?  Well, it’s not really the boxers that these hunky men were wearing that caused the controversy, it was what's INSIDE the boxer shorts that caused all the ruckus.

The commercial starts off with these hunky men wearing what looks like tux’s, sitting at a formal table as a choir of bell ringers.  But then, the table is removed and it reveals that their pants are also gone, revealing their Joe boxers.  What the ad  didn’t reveal is how they were ringing their bells to the tune of “Jingle Bells.”  After watching the ad, one would assume that it was what was inside of their boxers that were doing all the ringing!

This ad campaign is promotion for their line of Joe Boxer underwear for men, but it promoted a little controversy from people who thought the ad went a little too far.  Check out the ad here!

So, what do you think?  Did Kmart go too far in this ad?