There is "hey... nice watch" and then there is "I stole this off of Jay Z or Donald Trump" nice watch. This new time piece by Romain Jerome may be the most original chronograph I've ever seen. Enter the Titanic DNA line.

Being somewhat of a watch fanatic myself, when Rodeo Rick first showed this to me, I was in awe! I've been to some pretty high end watch shops around the world, from as far away as Japan, exotic places like the Bahamas, to everywhere in the U.S. from NYC to Las Vegas. I have my favorite designers like: Joe Rodeo, Jacob and Co., Audermar, Cartier and of course the ever popular Rolex. Keeping in mind I can't afford the majority on this list, I still have hopes and dreams. 

After seeing the daring, yet visually stunning individuality of a fine watch made out of rusted steel that was actually salvaged from the Titanic, this piece instantly jumped to the top of my wish list. There are quite a few different models and styles, but a very small number were produced for each, which also adds to the allure. With price tags starting at around $7000 and going as high 40k, Hell will look like Casper after a blizzard before I procure one. Here's to dreaming.