Last weekend, a friend of mine and I spent an hour waiting for his 17 year old daughter to buy a prom dress. As agonizing as it was for me, it was even more traumatic for her poor dad. Adding insult to injury, he had spent a couple hours and a hundred dollars earlier that day taking her in for a pre-prom spray tanning session.

If, like my pal, you're a proud member of Dads Against Daughter Dating, here's a new trend you might want to take part in. Hundreds of fathers across the country have been forcing their daughter's prom date to pose for a picture while the proud dads brandish their favorite firearm in the photo.

Sure, holding your daughter's prom date at gun point might technically qualify as a crime, but it's harmless fun, so long as your gun isn't loaded. Not only will it make for a funny picture that you'll be able to tease your daughter about for years, it will also remind the young man that you are armed and ready if and when he takes any liberties with your little girl.