Interesting fact about people who have lived their entire lives in one place: They don't know much about where they live.

No matter where somebody grew up they usually find that place to be pathetic and boring.

When people move to someplace new they become curious and learn everything they can about where they now are.

It's new, it's wonderful.

Meet Elizabeth Bagdon.

She just moved to Wyoming with her husband and they now live in Gillette.

Curious about her new home she started a TikTok page where she offers up facts about Wyoming almost everyday.

Her sense of curiosity and wonder about her new home is fun to watch.

Here is one of her first videos that list "Facts About Wyoming."

Some of the facts she brings up are common knowledge.

But some facts are things that even life long residents of the state never heard before.

Besides the facts videos she's posted a few that have to do with adjusting to Wyoming life.

She's from Pittsburg Pa.

She's never been out West.

She is suited for living the Wyoming lifestyle.

But there are a few things out this way that she's never seen or experience before, so, she's learning.

Here is a video where she talks about adjusting to her new life in Gillette.

If you are a TikToker I think you might enjoy following her.

She answers most every comment left on her page by text and a times making a video.

To her, Wyoming is an adventure.

That's a good attitude.

Here's one more video where she lists facts about Wyoming.

Lets see how many you knew or if she surprises you with a fact or two you never heard.

Hello Elizabeth.

Welcome to Wyoming.

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