Not long ago I drove by the famous Tumble Inn sign in Wyoming and noticed that the top was missing.

My assumption was that major wind damage had been done to the sign that was already falling apart.

The new owner of the sign, Mr. Jonathan Thorne, was good enough to call my radio show and explain to Wyoming what was going on.

The sign was being taken down for repairs, he explained.

He wanted to restore most of it, but maybe keep some of that old, tarnished feel for a sense of history.

When finished, he might not return it to where we are used to seeing it, on Highway 20/26 between Casper and Shoshoni.

If you drive by the old Tumble Inn today you won't see the sign.

Just a sign pole with this note.

Photo Tumble Inn Sign By Lyndon Meade
Photo Tumble Inn Sign By Lyndon Meade

Thanks to Lyndon Meade who took the photo of this note and sent it to me.

So if you drive by the old Tumble Inn location and don't see the sign, don't panic.

It's just in a shop getting a facelift.

No exact time has been announced for its return or where exactly it would be returned.

The new location will be in Natrona County.

To buy the sign Mr. Thorne had to purchase the entire property, including the old Tuble Inn restaurant and bar.

It was an all-or-nothing deal.

At this time has does not have any intention of restoring the old establishment.

Photo By Tim Mandese
Photo By Tim Mandese

The old Tumble Inn began as a respectable place.

But was a strip club in its final days.

Now, it's just abandoned.

At least that famous sign will live on.

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