There’s always tension between the USA and Euros at The Ryder Cup, but that’s usually after matches officially begin. A competitor, Danny Willett’s brother, was heckled by an American in the crowd at Hazeltine National Golf Club in Minneapolis. That guy, however, ended up smoothing over things.

Hearing the jeers of David Johnson from North Dakota, Europe’s Henrik Stenson pulled him out of the crowd, essentially saying, “You think you can make this putt, do ya?” Justin Rose sweetened the deal slapping down a 100 dollar bill, right next to the ball. At that point the whole group of Europeans were smiling as if they couldn’t wait to see Joe Schmo’s putting stroke. It was all in fun already, but there was a great eruption as the crowd watched a guy in jeans stand over the putt, and saw the ball go straight to the bottom of the cup! David got a hug from Rory McIlroy, and high fives from everyone on the green.

Now that the real competition is on, things are not so loose out there, but what great sports the pros were, knowing real nerves were coming for them. Go USA!