Well I went on my first archery hunt day trip! I was the official scout and game caller/pusher.

First off we aren't compound archery hunting we are primitive with re-curves and stick bows. So a bit more difficult, but we had a blast. We started off the morning not even realizing we didn't have all our things. Jeff my archery buddy text me " I have no game calls"... What? No game calls... well that may be a problem what if I come in on a big elk? I need to bugle back! So we went to the sports store and ended up borrowing some from our buddy KC here at the radio station.

So we were already under prepared and keep in mind this is also my buddy I went hiking with who works with the forest service and so there was already a worry we would get lost. We literally just found some spot that was public land and just headed upward.

We ended up hiking up a 1000 foot plus incline and about 2 miles, saw some deer but just wasn't able to land anything. I was the one who was the scout and ended up spotting all the deer! So I was a good scout and not just dead weight joining on the hunting trip I can't actually hunt on.

The problem was in the district we were in there were specifics and different rules so it was more of an experience to get out and explore and see what we were in for.

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