Have you ever wondered why Taco Bell gives enough sauce packets to completely soak your food 5 times over, yet they charge you an additional 50 to 75 cents for sour cream, nacho cheese and/or guacamole? How about the endless salt and pepper packs and ketchup from Burger King, but they charge a quarter for a ranch packet?

Not to pick on any one fast food chain (because they all do it), but that is some bullsh*t!!! I'm old enough to remember at one point in time being charged in a sit-down restaurant for a side ranch, but goodness, even that was a couple of decades ago. Why the extra charge for stuff you have to stock anyway?

I guess it wouldn't bother me as much if they weren't so frivolous with the other condiments. But ranch has been the number one condiment in America since around the turn of the century... LITERALLY!!!

Maybe some of these fast food restaurants should do like Arby's... if it's a cost issue (like some of their management has claimed). Here in Casper at least, unless you specifically ask for more, they gave you 1 Arby sauce and 1 Horsey sauce per meal. And that I don't have an issue with. If I want more, I ask. But they don't just throw a gazillion in my bag that will either get trashed or sit in a drawer in my kitchen until the turn of the next century.

In the 90's, fast food joints stopped charging extra for drink refills. I thinks it's time they did the same for the condiments... ALL OF THEM!!!

*On a side note, I noticed you can't even have it your way anymore at BK. For example: if you order a whopper with extra pickles and no tomatoes, they charge you like a quarter for the pickles, but they don't subtract a quarter because you don't want tomatoes. There's no logic in this... except for all hail the almighty dollar.

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