If you are a fan of Dairy Queen's famous fry sauce, this is definitely bad news.

Recently, Casper Dairy Queen locations announced that they will no longer be carrying their signature fry sauce. A sign posted on their window reads:

We're sorry. Our supplier is no longer offering Fry Sauce. we need your help to try to bring it back.Please call the DQ hotline 1(866) 793-7582 ask that they Fry Sauce in Casper.

No More Fry Sauce - DQ - Casper
Chantel Harris
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Fry Sauce is a condiment often served with French fries. It is usually a combination of tomato ketchup and mayonnaise, but there are many different variations of the original recipe.

While it's nowhere near the end of the world for a fast food establishment with primary sales being soft serve ice cream, there are still a lot of customers (like myself), that are a fan of having the option to have fry sauce with their sides, like onion rings and French fries.

You may remember that Burger King also stopped offering fry sauce a few years back as well.

Here's to hoping that residents' requests will be heard to get it back on the menu as soon as possible.

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