Everybody knows by now that the guys in One Direction are a lot of fun — but did you also know that they’re not fans of vulgarity? In a hilarious new interview, a beanie-sporting Harry Styles and a faux-sensitive Niall Horan chat about what they think is rude, what their biggest turn offs are and which member of the band they’d have a crush on if they were Directioners. Ow ow!“If you come up with one more vulgar remark, I’m gonna have to leave,” Niall said, jokingly getting up to go. Though the boys get hit on a lot, Harry revealed that women usually aren’t vulgar about it.

“Women can’t seem to control themselves around you,” a host said.

“No no, they’re usually very polite,” Harry said, smiling. When asked which fans are hotter, American or British, the guys were equally diplomatic. “There’s an even spread,” Harry said contemplatively. The boys go into the areas in England where the hottest girls are and can’t keep themselves from giggling.

Something every Directioner wants to know: What are their turn offs? “On a girl, a turnoff for me is spitting,” Harry said firmly (and eloquently). As for Niall? “I don’t like it when girls are too in your face. I like for them to play it cool, not be like, ‘Oh, look at me! I’m hot!’”

Obviously, it’s a lot easier for the members of One Direction to pick up girls since they became One Direction — but they don’t necessarily see that as a good thing. “I would hope that any women I would meet across on the path would like me for me,” Harry smiled. Awww!

Tune in to find out what gross and what brilliant things the guys have been hit with on stage, their favorite beers and which bandmates they’d have crushes on if they were fans. You may be surprised!

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