One Direction performed ‘More Than This’ for Radio Disney in addition to engaging in a Take Over interview Ernie D. and a quick chat with Alli Simpson, the lil sis of Aussie sensation Cody Simpson, to talk about pick up lines. It’s all in the family in the teen pop universe!

In the performance vid, the swoon-worthy Harry Styles has trouble keeping a straight face at first. He’s making faces, but when his turn to sing comes, he nails it.

The boys show off the power of their voices in this clip, and the fact that they harmonize flawlessly is spotlighted. It’s intimate and sweet.

They are almost artfully disheveled, too. All of the boys have bedhead and look like they just rolled out of bed and don’t own combs. But it’s super stylish. We can’t tell if it was accidental or not.

In the Ernie D. interview, the band reveals that a fan in Sweden got passed security and hid in a trash can for an hour in order to wait for a chance to ambush the boys. That had to smell rather rancid.

The boys spoke about their relationship with their security team. They joked that their tour manager says that the 1D boys ruin his life, with their boys-will-be-boys antics, like going into crowds and putting themselves at risk.

In the Alli Simpson interview portion, the boys offer their advice on how to win over a pretty girl in one sentence. Can they do it? We know, this is the almighty and beloved-by-the-ladies 1D we’re talking about. Of course they can. But you’ll just have to watch and see what they come up with as a pick up line … if they come up with one!

Watch One Direction Perform ‘More Than This’

Watch One Direction’s Interview With Alli Simpson