It’s the battle of the British Boy bands and their bone of contention is Justin Bieber!

“Justin” time for the 2012 Summer Olympics, set for London, of all places, U.K. boy bands One Direction and the Wanted are reportedly competing for Justin Bieber’s services and vying for the chance to work with him. The Daily Star reports that both bands want to work with the ‘Boyfriend’ singer but fear he will only choose one. Isn’t there enough Biebs to go around?

Does either have an advantage?

The Wanted are managed by Scooter Braun, who also handles the Biebs’ career, so they have a leg up there. The group skews a bit older than One Direction, and Bieber is clearly trying to expand his fan base to an older crowd, so working with the Wanted will certainly be mutually beneficial. The group has toured with him as well, and he referred to them as “part of the family.”

However, he has also been seen hanging out with One Direction, who are blazing across the U.S. as of late. There are none hotter than 1D. Braun himself said that Biebs being a Directioner, if only for a song, was entirely possible. Braun commented, “He likes them and thinks they are good dudes.” The singer and the group hung out last week and listened to ‘Believe’ and all parties tweeted about it.

The Biebs and 1D in one room, hanging out? Did a chorus of female screams erupt all over the world? Yeah, it did.

Okay, fans of both boy bands. Who should the Biebs work with if he has to choose only one?