If you're pretending to look busy while you surf the web at work today, here's a great way to milk the clock. PeopleofWalmart.com is a hilarious site filled with weird pictures of actual Wal-Mart shoppers across the country, including some really strange folks here in the Cowboy State.

The site also features an engine that allows you to search for entries by state. Although there are only six pictures from Wyoming, we are well represented.

The photos submitted from Wyoming Wal-Mart's include two women who should have exercised more discretion in their fashion choices, a zombie making his way through the housewares section, a man dressed as a cow purchasing beef, an authentic Native American head dress and a guy wearing purple bathing suit.

Click here to see Wyoming's contribution to the People of Wal-Mart page. But be warned, somethings can never be unseen.