Pharrell Williams is truly incredible! He's up for an Oscar this Sunday night and not only is he performing, if he wins with his song Happy from Despicable Me 2, he'll be the first artist to win while sitting on top of the Billboard Hot 100!

But Pharrell is more than catchy songs like Get Lucky with Daft Punk and Blurred Lines with Robin Thicke and T.I. He's more than the vampire rumors that have been circulating about him because he looks so young and doesn't seem to age (Pharrell is turns 41 in April) Pharrell is also more than he ultra fashionable Vivienne Westwood Buffalo hat he wore at the Grammy Awards.

Pharrell is also a kind soul, as evidenced by this video to a young boy recently diagnosed with cancer. Damon, a nine year old boy from San Antonio, is facing a tough fight. Damon's theme song is Williams' Happy which inspired his father to reach out to a personal friend of mine in radio, Mark Landis. Landis used his record label connections to tell Damon's story. Pharrell could have just sent an autograph. Heck, he could have ignored the request entirely, but he didn't stop at a simple autograph, he sent Damon a personal video message. Watch it and try not to be moved... I dare you!

Pharrell's new album GIRL is available Monday, March 3, 2014.

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