It’s like Hilary Duff listened to us. After sharing a photo of her precious son Luca Cruz Comrie’s little feet (and a photo of her freshly dyed locks), we, in turn, posted the “feet tweet” shot and essentially said that while we adored “oohing” and “aaahing” at little Luca’s tiny feet and all, we wanted to see his undoubtedly adorable face. Well, Mama Hil obliged today, posting an image of her little man — and he’s quite a looker!

Duff tweeted a message, which then sent fans to her official website displaying the image of her No. 1 guy. The post read: “Baby Luca, 2 weeks old :)

The verdict on Luca? He has the face of an angel. Can you say “Precious?” Because that is just what he is.

Something tells us Duff is gonna have a little heartbreaker on her hands as this kid grows up. With a mom who is a talented actress and singer, and not to mention gorgeous, as well as an athletic dad who is a now-retired pro ice hockey player, Luca Cruz Comrie hit the genetic jackpot.

Thanks for sharing your little munchkin with us, Hil! He’s adorbs!