In what amounts to a creative take on fan fiction, forensic artist Joe Mullins offered up a rendering of what Jessica Simpson‘s newborn daughter Maxwell Drew Johnson could look like in a few years.

He took photos of Simpson and her fiancé and baby daddy Eric Johnson and used digital computer technology to create a composite image of how the nearly 10 lb. infant might appear. It wouldn’t shock us if this photo ended up being true to form, thanks to the wonders of computers.

Maxwell Drew Johnson entered the world yesterday, May 1. While we wait for Simpson to share the first photos of her first bundle of joy with the media and fans, we can use this potential photo of Maxwell to tide us over.

With hazel eyes, pink-kissed cheeks mom’s white-blond waves, this proposed Maxwell looks like a doll. We can’t decide if it’s cute or creepy, but one thing is for sure: Thank goodness there’s not as much hype surrounding Maxwell as there was with the birth of Blue Ivy. We couldn’t deal with dissecting the name Maxwell Drew Johnson or the speculation that she is the Illuminati’s pride and joy.