Remember that whole web-generated prank (we mean “campaign”) where writer David Thorpe helped a Walmart nestled in the remote location of Kodiak, Alaska win a visit from Cuban-American dynamo Pitbull by garnering the most “likes” on Facebook? Well, Thorpe was on hand for the event, which took place on July 30, but not on Walmart’s dime. Turns out the generous Pit himself paid for Thorpe to attend.

A massive corporation like Walmart certainly has more than enough loot cakes to cover Thorpe’s expenses, especially since he helped generate quite a bit of publicity for the event, but they balked at doing so. They did, however, extend the invite, with Pit picking up the tab, according to Buzzfeed. Clearly, the rapper is a good sport, a class act and has a terrific sense of humor, shelling out his own coin for a prankster who started the campaign with the #ExilePitbull hashtag.

Below are a bunch of tweets issued by Pit and Walmart from the event which took place at what felt like the far reaches of the earth, including an outdoor shindig along with Pit’s receipt of boots and bear repellant, since bears make up the majority of Kodiak’s population. Pit also enjoyed a meet and greet with Walmart customers and spent some time with Thorpe, with whom he is pictured above.

All in good fun!

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