Casper police arrested a man for indecent exposure after an employee at the North Center Street Starbucks saw him masturbating while paying for coffee on Thursday, according to court records.

The employee recorded the license number of the car Bruce Brooker was driving and told her manager, who also saw Brooker.

Police traced the license number to Brooker, who lives on Nottingham Drive. The manager identified him immediately from a police line-up.

After waiving his Miranda rights, Brooker told police he was going to a store, then went to Starbucks and his pants had fallen down and he was trying to fix them.

He admitted he had problems similar to this in the past and was seeking treatment. Police investigated Brooker's background and found he had a history of similar offenses and number failures to comply and failures to appear for court.

Police also found a pipe during a search of Brooker, which field tested for marijuana.

He is scheduled to hear the public indecency and drug possession charges in Natrona County Circuit Court during his initial appearance this afternoon.

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