Wow I am so excited and nervous to be heading Steelhead fishing in Idaho! Watch out fish here I come. 

Orofino, Idaho is where I am heading. The Steelhead is an interesting fish, and one of the most fun to catch in the NW in my opinion.

I have been to Idaho to Steelhead before but never fly fished for them. So it is a bit more difficult and important to have a heavier rod to be able to hold these bad boys.

Also they are interesting as far as fishing with you mainly just trying to annoy them to hit your fly or pattern. They do feed on eggs and other bugs even small fish, but this time of year as they aren't spawning I believe they are more hitting stuff out of curiosity and aggression.

The nerves are flying and the packing hasn't happened yet but all is well. Keith is a great guy and I can't wait!

Going to a place in Idaho just east of Lewiston, Idaho.

Charene Herrera TSM