Just in time for Halloween, here's another one of Wyoming's weirdest legends. In 1866, David Duck was a soldier stationed at Fort Phil Kearny, which is located near the Big Horn Mountains between Sheridan and Buffalo. Over a century later, his story lives on in folklore as the Legend of the Dead Duck.

Duck's garrison was involved in a battle with the local Sioux tribe. Sadly, Duck was one of 81 casualties suffered by the 18th Infantry. Or was he?

Two months after Duck's body was discovered, freshly scalped and riddled with bullet holes, a ragged man showed up Fort F.C. Smith in the Montana Territory, where he was greeted by Sergeant William Briscoe.

When the man identified himself as David Duck, Briscoe was shocked. Briscoe informed the man that he had personally discovered the body of David Duck two months prior and buried him. As evidence, Briscoe showed the man letters and personal effects that he had taken from the deceased soldier's body.

After Briscoe's commanding officers questioned the man, they jailed him in the guardhouse and charged him as an impostor.

According to Duck's account, he escaped from the guardhouse and fled to Canada. He later settled in Illinois where he lived out his remaining days.