The Pumpkin spice phenomena is here to stay. This year marks the 13th Birthday of the Pumpkin Spice Latte and it looks like it'll be ringing in for years to come.

According to USA Today Pumpkin Spice is Here to Stay article by Lydia Schrandt, Trader Joe's has some 70 pumpkin spice products on its shelves this year ... up from about 60 in 2015.

There is some actual science behind why people love the smell and taste of pumpkins. Eliza Cross, author of the cookbook Pumpkin it Up! says, "From an emotional standpoint, pumpkin spice evokes the comfort of a cozy kitchen and good things baking in the oven. More than any other flavor...".

There are pumpkin fries now, bagels... Oreo's and so much more.


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