Are you a fan of Red vs. Blue? First off, despite the name and color affilations, it has nothing to do with the street gangs, Bloods and Crips. Red vs Blue is a web show that utilizes game play from the popular Xbox console game, Halo.

I was an early fan of the show. Matter of fact, it was one of the first recurring episodic series I ever watched on YouTube.

The above 40-second clip was taken from season 10, episode 19 and has the white team mentioning the Cowboy State. Considering some of the past characters/teams have been named after states, I'm not sure if they were referring to us or an in-series performer. I'm assuming it's a person, since the YouTube channel that posted it is actually called Wyoming and Gamma.

*Although I love this show and it's survived for an entire 17 seasons, the language and violence is definitely NSFW*

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