The world of home video games has come along way since the days of the Atari 2600. Gone are limited lives, notebooks filled with a plethora of cheat codes and worrying about how to eat or go to the bathroom, because neither a pause button or the ability to save your progress had been invented yet.

Nowadays, video gaming is a multibillion dollar industry. Being able to play online and multiplayer, adds more depth and realism, while the next generation graphics and superb CPU speeds, take home consoles to the next level.

It is only right that each state has games to call their own. Unfortunately, there's not a huge catalog of Wyoming-themed games, but there are some good ones out there already, and good news... more becoming available every year.

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Here is a definitive list of games that take place solely, mainly, partially or even have DLC (downloadable content) packs that take place in the great state of Wyoming.

GAME ON: Video Games That Take Place in Wyoming

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