I am every thankful of my job around this time every year. Even though I am devastated by the loss of my grandma I appreciate the fact I have the ability to keep her memory alive. 

It's very important to me to make sure the memory of my grandma lives on, even with those that didn't know her. Today marks the two year anniversary of her passing and a day does not go by I don't think of her. Such a hard bond to sometimes explain to those that grew up with their parents and grandparents around... she was the only constant thing I had in my life, it was just her and I growing up. Her passing was such a hard thing to deal with but writing has helped along with sharing her memory. She was a highly highly independent woman. She taught me to to be self sufficient, hard working and to always do what I wanted in life. She was an entrepreneur in the 70's and 80's as a woman in the bar business before unfortunate circumstances changed that. After she lost her bars she went back to college around the age of 50 and got straight A's. She ended up dropping out so she could take care of me, she had to work two jobs just to do so and many other odd jobs as well. She was always busy and I probably get that from her. She would be mad at how messy my house is right now... she was a perfectionist when it came to cleaning. We laughed at that later in life, that I was so opposite but it was probably because she was so OCD about it.

She was by far the most classy person I have ever met. My fashion sense, hard work ethic, my independence and strength all comes from this woman. She built a new softball field in Townsend in the 70's, she loved her softball team for her bar the Mint in Townsend . She would be the community seamstress, then be right outside changing a tire. She would cook a fancy meal and then build a bird house. She had such a diverse set of skills, abilities and knowledge it was absolutely shocking and left me in awe most of my life. I can't even begin to explain the wonder that was Dee A Roe, my grandma and my whole world. Some people compared her to princess Diana. I appreciate those that will read this. I leave you with the reminder that death is all around us, but it is so important to deal with the grief that can be hard to control... I have yet to completely deal with my grief but it takes time. She never would want me to be sad over her being gone but it's so hard not to. She left us too young. I am so thankful I get to share her memory with thousands of people through social media and my radio shows. Her memory will live on, through me and my life.

I love and miss you grandma.




    Sylvia Lake

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