Dress code? Pft. Rihanna don't care nuttin' about the Grammy dress code. The powers-that-be behind Music's Biggest Night issued a stern warning to celebs about their attire for the ceremony, advising against exposing butt crackage and side boobage, while expressing concern about nip slippage.

However, our favorite topless Instagramer and sexy dresser Rihanna isn't going to heed the warning. Yeah, like we ever expected her to. She's also bringing her man Chris Brown as her date. Deja vu, anyone?

Hollywood Life reports that a source close to RiRi confirmed that she will getting her sexy on during the red carpet festivities and at the telecast. Who's shocked? Not us. The minute the advisory was issued, Ri was probably dreaming up ways to ignore it.

The insider said, "She will wear something very sexy by one of her favorite designers. She really isn’t trying to give anything away — that would ruin the whole d--- surprise." So she will just "give it away" when she shows up with a low-cut bodice, since that's what we're expecting from her. We are dying to see who she wears. McQueen? Balmain? Dior? Those designers are right up her alley.

In another non-shocking piece of news, her BF Breezy will be her date for the ceremony. As most ChRihanna watchers remember, the 2009 Grammys were the scene of "the crime," where Breezy famously beat the bejezus out of his then (and now) girlfriend after an event leading up to the big night, causing both to cancel their appearances.

The source said, "Rihanna’s turned up and getting into that performer's frame of mind right now. She’s focused and looking forward to the Grammys and [she] will be with Chris the whole night, so you know that’s going to be extra f---ing special. He already told her he would go with her, so its a wrap.”

Ri's like the Frank Sinatra of her generation -- she does it her way.

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