Chris Brown will turn 24 on May 5 and his on-off boo Rihanna reportedly gifted him with quite a pricy present – a Mercedes-Benz SLR Stirling Moss that's swaggier than a set of Bieber wheels.

Before you go groan and think, "Oh, big deal, a Benz," recognize that this model is so exclusive that only 75 have ever been made. Plus, it's a set of wheels that RiRi customized, adding Breezy's initials to the leather interior. What a thoughtful thing to do.

So while ChRihanna are yet again dogged by "Are they or aren't they?" rumors about the status of their relationship, this gift makes it seem like things are somewhat good.

The ride had a steep price tag – it cost RiRi over a million bucks.

A source told The Daily Mirror (quotes via Contact Music) that "Rihanna has spent more than a million dollars on his main gift - a custom-made car. She's had his initials put on the red leather seats.''

Word is Rihanna is planning another surprise for her man but it's tricky given their schedules. The source said, "It's a surprise. All I can say is she's got a few things up her sleeve. She wants Chris to know how much she loves him and wants him and honestly, she just wants to be with him and let him know she's got his back."

The insider continued, ''Chris treated her so bomb and surprised her with his presence when she turned 25, she wants to be with him badly when he turns 24. She's not going to flat out ask him to be with her -- not on his birthday because she feels that's his day -- but in her heart she wants him with her."

Something tells us despite their chaotic schedules ChRihanna will find a way to celebrate his birthday together, even if it means he has to fly out to wherever she is.

Anyone else notice the irony that she bought him a car and their famous domestic dispute took place in a car in Los Angeles?

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