For someone so averse to talking about her relationship with Chris Brown in interviews, Rihanna has no problem using it to sell records.

Case in point: Days after the release of her Complex magazine cover story, in which she walked out when asked about a duet with her former abuser and current jumpoff, she released the cover art for her single, 'Stay' -- and it features her embracing Brown.

The prolific Instagrammer (hey, pictures are like, so much easier than words, right?) posted the image with the simple caption, "#SINGLEcover for #STAY."

It's a single photo, showing Rihanna's gorgeous face buried in Brown's neck. Brown is shown from behind, with his signature (and unfortunate) neck tattoo in clear view.

For what it's worth, 'Stay,' about a viciously cyclical hot and cold relationship, may not be about Brown at all. Why not? Well, like most of her biggest hits, Rihanna didn't write it. Still, don't think it will stop the spotlight-loving singer from capitalizing on her own drama to sell the hell out of it.