A picture is worth a billion words in this case. Rihanna shared the cover artwork for two of her new singles – the ballad 'Stay' and the rousing 'Pour It Up' -- on Instagram.

Wait, is she topless? Are they selfies? Big deal right? Um, wrong. The 'Stay' cover features a grainy image of the diva and her heavily tattooed beau Chris Brown in a romantic, affectionate pose.

In the image, the face and lips of the seven-time Complex cover girl are buried in his neck, and you can only really see her eyes. We can tell it's Breezy even though his back is to us, thanks to those tattoos that adorn his neck.

It would make sense for RiRi to feature Breezy on the single art for their 'Unapologetic' duet, 'Nobody's Business.' But Breezy has nada to do with 'Stay'; Mikky Ekko actually appears on the song. However, since it's a longing ballad, well, the message is incredibly clear. We don't need the confirmation of their relationship that we've been asking for. It's already abundantly obvs that they are together.

The 'Pour It Up' cover is less exciting when compared to 'Stay.' It's just RiRi holding a cup, splashed in red. Breezy's not in it, so there is less to talk about. We're not even like "Oh, awesome, these are Ri's next singles." We're totally transfixed by the ChRihanna image.

RiRi and Breezy are frequent Instagram co-stars. This 'Stay' image just puts things in a more professional context, and it says a lot. She doesn't care what you think and it's still nobody's bidness.


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