Rihanna is getting closer and closer to premiering her video for ‘You Da One’ and the Bajan beauty is hoping to get fans as excited as she is for the new clip with a series of teasers. Last weekend, Rihanna tweeted a still from the ‘You Da One’ video, and now she has released behind-the-scenes footage from the London shoot.

In the first sneak peek that RiRi tweeted over the weekend, the songstress is pictured lying down as she breathes out a cloud of smoke. The backdrop is dark and the camera is positioned at the top of her head, making the smoke a strong element in the photo. Rihanna has certainly been seen smoking a lot these days — we hope it’s part of her ‘Talk That Talk’ persona and not becoming a habit! However, she does looks fierce in the photo and we can just imagine her singing “you’re da one that I dream about all day” while puffing away.

On Tuesday, Rihanna continued to tease her fans with ‘You Da One’ snippets courtesy of some behind-the-scenes footage. In the video, which can viewed on Rihanna’s official Facebook page, Rihanna talks about the shooting the video in London, encountering some rain delays, and how she shot the video on one hour of sleep, saying, “I’m not going to remember this tomorrow!” Being a superstar ain’t easy!

Throughout the video, fans are treated to quick shots of the gorgeous (and now blond) songstress in a variety of outfits, including one that is reminiscent of Alex DeLarge in Stanley Kubrick’s film adaptation of ‘A Clockwork Orange.’ Rihanna shows off some swagger and she walks in beat with the song holding a cane and sporting some dark eyelashes, suspenders and a white bowler cap. In another shot, fans can catch a glimpse of the bottom grill that was outfitted for RiRi a while back. Check out some stills below!