Pop stars never want to limit themselves to simply making music. “It” girl Rita Ora is no different. The singer, who is buzzing hard as she prepares to drop her debut ‘Ora,’ revealed that she does have acting aspirations and that the big screen is in her future, but right now she is zeroing in on her music.

“Acting is something for the future,” Ora told The Sun. “For now it’s all about my music, but definitely in a few years.”

We love a lady who knows what she wants and who has a plan. It’s smart for Ora to establish herself as a musical force to be reckoned with before working in another entertainment medium. Her strategy will definitely serve her well in the long run.

Even though Ora doesn’t see herself acting for years, that doesn’t stop her from fantasizing about what an acting career could be like. In fact, she has already chosen a dream co-star and it’s British hunk Tom Hardy, who starred in ‘Warrior’ and ‘The Dark Knight Rises.’

She said, “Tom Hardy is so cute. Soooooo hot. In ‘Warrior’ I fell for him. And in the ‘Dark Knight.’ He is amazing.” No new couple alert here, though. Hardy is otherwise taken. But it must be flattering for him to know that a star on the rise like Rita Ora digs him.

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