Robin Thicke really is cribbing from Prince these days. We know, we know, Thicke's sleeper hit 'Blurred Lines' is the No. 1 track in the country and now, his new single 'Give It 2 U' features that same Prince-copied falsetto and is even spelled in Prince-speak, since the His Purpleness was known for using numerical digits in place of letters in his song titles, and using slang lettering.

The original version of the track featured a 2 Chainz verse that has since been chopped -- wha??? Thicke couldn't hang with Chainz? Tsk tsk. Rap's crown prince --see what we did there? -- Kendrick Lamar features on the song, which is produced by Dr. Luke and co-written by

It's really dirty, and Thicke once again boasts about his, well, Thicke-ness, while his wife Paula Patton is probably shaking her head.

Oh, and back to the Prince references. Thicke croons, in Princely falsetto, "Hey girl, you're looking so damn fly / You look like you fell from the sky / You know you make a grown man cry." What, no doves?

Thicke isn't going the blue-eyed soul route any longer -- this is all nasty pop, with a little of tongue placed... Firmly in cheek. Wait, did you think we were going to go there? Come on, people. This is a PG-site.