If you thought ‘S— Rihanna Says‘ was hilarious, you’ll probably love ‘S— Beyonce Says.’ Created by the same comic, Darmirra Brunson, the video pokes fun at Bey’s ego, wealth and family life.

The video begins with Beyonce displaying all of her land, and specifying that she owns literally everything on it. “You hear those birds chirping?” she deadpans. “I own them.”

She takes shots at Rihanna, who was once rumored to be a rival for husband Jay-Z‘s affections circa ‘Ring the Alarm.’ “Rihanna, I can see your tracks all the way from here,” she sings to the tune of ‘Love on Top.’ She addresses RiRi later on, too. “You’re a child, Rihanna,” she spits into her cell phone from her kitchen. “Dressin’ up rice cakes. I’ll be damned if I see another chick on his arm!”

She also points out her massive success as a solo artist compared to the front woman of Destiny’s Child. “This is all my awards with Destiny’s Child,” she says, showing off a few platinum and gold plaques. “And this,” she says, displaying an entire wall, “is how many awards I’ve gotten without them. Because I’m Beyonce.

Bey rocks baby Blue Ivy (a little too rapidly, we think!), telling the infant, “I hope you don’t look like your daddy when you grow up.” Ouch! We also get a pretty hilarious look at how she chose Blue’s name as well as why Beyonce thinks she’s been so blessed throughout her life.

Do you think Brunson hit the nail on the head with this clip? Do you like it better than her spoof of RiRi? Tell us in the comments!

Watch the ‘S— Beyonce Says’ Video