Seven is considered a lucky number and S Club 7 fans are the luckiest of all! The seven members of the British pop group, which featured a mix of boys and girls, are planning to participate in a reunion, which will include a tour.

The group’s reps are working to strike a deal with Simon Fuller, who owns the S Club brand. Fuller was the svengali behind the Spice Girls, as well. S Club 7 split in 2003 after several years ruling the pop charts across the pond.

The Sun reports that a source said, “They’re hoping to make a TV show following their reunion, a tour and the release of an updated Greatest Hits album – just like Steps.” Looks like the successful Steps reformation is the model which S Club 7 is hoping to follow.

S Club 7 members Jo O’Meara, Bradley McIntosh and Paul Cattermole remained active, playing gigs at universities and clubs under the S Club 3 moniker. They hope to add by four, but a spokesperson did not comment on or confirm the reunion.

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