Santigold will release her sophomore album ‘Master of My Make-Believe’ in 2012 and the rapper recently sat down with fashion publication V Magazine to discuss the process and her view of the fakery surrounding some of her fellow pop stars. But make no mistake — she doesn’t consider herself a pop diva.

Santigold, looking fabulously fashion forward with painted on eye accessories, revealed that the new album took a bit longer to release – her debut ‘Santogold’ came out in 2008 — since “lyrics came slowly” for her. She said she writes to the music and this time around, she was learning to trust herself. She admitted, “I also had expectations. Never have those!” Noted.

The rapper also headed to Jamaica to write, and that’s when the lyrical floodgates opened. “I think that time really colored the record,” she mused.

Santigold also shared the fact that she oversees every aspect of her career, in order to keep it real.

“I’m really hands-on with everything,” she said, noting that being so control-oriented “is the difference between an artist and a plain pop star.” Now, that’s the truth.

Despite that comparison, she doesn’t view herself as a pop star, admitting, “I think I am looked at by people as a peer but in reality I’m like a stepchild. I’m trying to be like that on my own terms and everyone respects it, but it doesn’t make the money. You’ve always got to come harder than everybody, but with less.”

She also revealed that she titled her album ‘Master of My Make-Believe’ because of how our culture has been diluted by things like reality TV nonsense. “I want it to be about creating your own reality,” she said.

Expect to be a part of Santigold’s reality in 2012.