UPDATE: Now, Natrona County School District is saying the students WILL return to school after lunch. Some parents are picking their children up at the Casper Rec Center, though.


UPDATE: Students from Casper Classical Academy and Frontier Middle School are being kept at the Casper Recreation Center. SourceGas says additional problems have been found, so the students will NOT be returning to school today.

Parents can pick their children up at any time at the Casper Rec Center.


There was a bit of a scare this morning at the Casper Classical Academy, which shares a building with Frontier MIddle School.

Shortly after 10am, a natural gas smell was detected, and as a precaution, the entire building was evacuated, and the students taken to the Casper Recreation Center.

SourceGas was called and solved the problem, and the students are now back in the building.

No informaiton yet though, on what the source of the smell actually was.