It's hard to say this with a straight face, but there is a possibility that pigging out on pizza could actually be healthy for you if a new scientific study is right. Pay special attention to that word "if".

I saw this remarkably good bit of news for us pizza lovers on Study Finds. It has the very tempting title of "Pig out! You can eat all the pizza you want (occasionally) without damaging your health, study claims". There is some real science here, but you need to pay attention to the specific scenario where this might be true.

The study was done by Bath University. Weird name for a school, by the way. But, I will credit them for looking into what happens when young guys have a pizza party. They documented that a pizza party with around 3,000 calories did not cause the guys at the party that pigged out to have higher than usual insulin levels. Sometimes. Over-indulgence is considered bad, but the study found that their bodies dealt with a one-time pig out remarkably well.

The other takeaway inferred that part of the reason that this pizza pig out session didn't cause many adverse affects was due to the fact that the guys felt full afterward and didn't eat dessert.

Note: this study was done with young men between the ages of 22 and 37. It was only guys as they haven't done the study with ladies yet. Ladies, this might be an ideal time to volunteer for a study if there ever was one.

Read the conclusions for yourself and decide if your next "healthy" meal needs to be a triple-topping meat lovers pie.

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