Most Beliebers are well aware of Scooter Braun and his influence on Justin Bieber‘s life. He’s the teen’s manager, and often speaks more in the Biebs’ cover stories than his client. In an extensive profile on Braun in The New Yorker, we learn why Braun put Bieber, whom he dubs a “superhero,” on “probation” and how.

The idea of the ballooning, Braun-fostered Bieber brand is juxtaposed against a shrinking music business in the piece, and Braun’s business strategies, his desire to treat his bands like family and his young, nerd-done-good vibe (Mickey Mouse toys, ‘Star Wars’ tee-shirts, comic book references) are thoroughly discussed.

Some choice revelations from the profile?

The Biebs is a superhero: “Justin Bieber was born with the Superman powers. He could sing, he could dance, he could play instruments. I wasn’t born with those gifts, so I had to become a different kind of superhero … I’m a normal Joe. But, with a lot of effort, I’ve got a shot at being Bruce Wayne.”

How does he discipline The Biebs?: The Biebs doesn’t always cooperate with the game plan. He is, after all, only 18. Back in June, JB was booked on ‘The Tonight Show.’ He was an hour late for rehearsal; Braun was already on site. Braun got testy, looking for his “client,” called him and yelled “Where are you?” into his phone. He said Biebs asked to be trusted, but “blew it” and was therefore put on “probation.” What’s that mean? “He has to have somebody come to his house every workday,” Braun said.

How does the Biebs see Braun?: While playing a guitar backstage, the Biebs called the guider of his career “persistent,” “intelligent” and “good-aggressive.” Elaborating on the latter, the ‘Boyfriend’ singer said, “Like, when he wants something, he’s aggressive to get it done. He’s not, like, going to beat around the bush.” He also called Braun a “close uncle.”

How does Braun see himself? “I’m a camp counselor for pop stars,” he said. There are worse gigs, you know? He also cultivates his own celebrity status — like we said, Beliebers know who Braun is — by tweeting, appearing on TV with the Biebs and being a mouthpiece in his interviews.

He doesn’t like the s—talkers who think he stepped in you-know-what and got rich by discovering the Biebs: After hearing that someone had called him a one-hit wonder, Braun was motivated. “I decided, I’m not just gonna break one new act, I’m going to break two more.” His other clients include the Wanted and Carly Rae Jepsen. So he certainly broke more than one new act.

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