Selena Gomez gave a behind-the-scenes look at her upcoming video for ‘Hit the Lights’ — including the meaning behind the track and a dare she took on set.

“This song is to let loose and have fun and be young and crazy,” Gomez said. “This video is more organic than anything I’ve done before. It’s about being with people you love and enjoying the moment, and embracing the moment you’re in your life,” Gomez continued.

Gomez practiced what she preached when making the video, because it looks like everyone on set had a blast! The video was full of lights, balloons and dancing — though the balloons sometimes posed a problem. “We did a really cool scene with these giant, huge balloons and we were bouncing them around with a few of my band members. A lot of them kept popping, but it looked really pretty!”

Gomez and the Scene filmed in a variety of locales, including a “party vibe” in a “really creepy neighborhood” and what Gomez described as a “fairy tale” — disco balls and flashing lights in the woods!

Which scene looked like the most fun to film? The one that had Gomez and her posse running around through cornfields. Gomez, sporting streaks of red, blue, pink and purple in her hair, embraced the ‘Hit the Lights’ spirit of seizing the moment and taking chances when she took a dare to eat corn right off stalk! (While raw veggies are the healthiest kind, for the sake of her health, we wish she would’ve cleaned it off!)

How else did Gomez follow her own advice to embrace every moment? On day two of filming, she cut her hair, explaining simply, “It was in a ‘Hit the Lights’ mood.”

Watch Selena Gomez Behind the Scenes of ‘Hit the Lights’