Phew! Even more Jelena drama. New reports say that Selena Gomez officially wants nothing to do with Justin Bieber. Like, at all.

TMZ reports that Sel blocked Justin from contacting her. She actually spent the last day blocking him from her cell phone and pretty much any and all means of communication -- but she's still following him on Twitter. We suspect it's because the minute one of them "unfollows" the other, it's almost an official confirmation of the split -- and an instant news story. Can't say we blame her for that part, right?

What's more, TMZ notes that whatever meetup they had in New York City in fact didn't go well at all. Nothing was resolved and they are still totally broken up. According to the site, Sel's reported "trust issues" were well warranted: The split is said to have involved another woman, though no one really knows who. Some still suspect it was a Victoria's Secret model, notably Barbara Palvin, but Palvin has a boyfriend. Additionally, the split is said to have gone down on Halloween, which was before Biebs was spotted with Barbara.

The latest report gives credence to one from earlier, in which a shouting match over Biebs' wandering eye wound up ending with a breakup. “Justin and Selena had a blow out fight that led to their breakup," a source said. "She was screaming at him and ended it. Selena thought he was lying ... unexplained absences, girls texting him late at night.”

While we hope none of this is true -- they were so cute together! -- whatever went down should surely provide Selena some great fodder for her new album.

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