For all of the Jelena shippers out there, there are plenty of people who think that Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez should stop with the on-and-off, back-and-forth relationship they have going and just call it quits for good. Gomez's family and bestie Taylor Swift have shown their distaste for the pairing, but now it's gotten to the point where the 'Come & Get It' singer's friends are allegedly considering taking some drastic measures.

If the sources at HollywoodLife are to be believed, Gomez's pals want her as far away from the Biebs as possible -- and they are willing to stage an intervention in order to do it.

“They’ve talked about staging some sort of intervention to get her away from him but at this point that would only push her closer to him,” the insider claims. “Until he screws up again there’s not much that anyone can do.”

This school of thought seems to echo Gomez's family's supposed sentiments. "There's no talking to her," a source revealed just after Jelena's romantic reconciliation in Texas in March. "She's just going to do what she wants."

Of course, what she wants may not be the best thing for her, says the HollywoodLife insider. And the fact that so many of her closest confidantes don't want her near him only adds to the thrill of the relationship.

“Their relationship is as toxic as possible — they love each other, they hate each other, Justin hooks up with other girls,” the source reveals. “Plus, they keep hearing from friends and other people they’re close to to not hang out, which only makes them want to be together more."

"It is sordid, awkward and there is no end in sight," the source continues. "They are still going to be in each other’s lives and it will be all over the place.”

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